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EUHOME BBQ Grill Accessories Heavy Duty Grill Utensils 31 PCS Set Extra Thick Stainless Steel BBQ Grilling Tools with Nylon Carry Bag Great Gift Christmas for Men in Camping Backyard Barbecue Party

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  • Brilliant Gift for Men: We must met the gift choosing problem before. Are you still thinking to buy a razor(beard shaver) as a gift for men? Abandon this thought now! You have a better option that is EUHOME BBQ tools set. All men like to grilling meat and drinking beer. Just Imaging how happy your men will be when he got these 31 PCS BBQ tools gift set. You could take this grill accessories as gift for Birthday, Father’s day, valentine’s day, New year’s day, Thanksgiving day and Christmas.
  • Premium Dishwasher Safe Utensil Material: EUHOME BBQ grilling tool use extra thick solid stainless steel. All utensils are sturdy, rust-proof and high temperature deformation resistance. Thus You may amazing how can our bbq tools are so sturdy. Because our stainless steel is combine over 23 types of elements like Iron, Chromium and Titanium. These elements even contains in NASA shuttlecraft. Besides, all utensils are made by food grade stainless steel thus it is no hurt for your health.
  • Practical 31 PCS BBQ Accessories: EUHOME BBQ grill utensils set is the most useful grill accessories in the market. It contains long-handled grilling tongs, Chef spatula, grilling fork, long sharp meat knife, basting brush, grill stove cleaning steel brush with 2 switchable brush head, spice/salt seasoning shaker*2, Stainless barbecue skewers*4, Corn holders*8, Dinner forks*4 grilling big apron, bbq grilling smoke guide and ripstop nylon carry bag. A truly all in one set for BBQ grilling.
  • Elegant User Friendly Design: EHOME BBQ accessories chef spatula, grilling fork, meat chopping knife, grilling tones, stove cleaning steel brush and basting brush are design with heat resistant polypropylene handle. These heat resistant handle can isolate the heat conduction from stainless steel. Moreover, the food grade silicone basting brush heat resistant temp up to 425℉. The head of stove cleaning brush is made by million of steel hair. Total 3 cleaning brush head can reused over 100 times.
  • Great Set for BBQ Party: Friday night or weekend is perfect for gathering with friends or family. You could take EUHOME BBQ tools set to invite your friends to have a BBQ party in your backyard or have a camping BBQ trip. We have 200% confident on our product quality, but it may has unpredictable situation happen during delivery. If you don’t like our BBQ tools set or you received a defective one. We have lifetime product care of immediately replacement or refund for you without any asking.
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Product Description


EUHOME is devoted to design unique but useful product for our customers.

We do well in digging out the special needs of life. To create some slight and ensure happiness through product re-design improvement.

Our vision is to combine design and quality to redefine the meaning of tools for you. We insist to use the best material because our product will accompany you for years.

EUHOME grill BBQ tools set is a actually ultimate set for grilling party. If you want to have a great weekend family party or friends gathering in home yard, that nothing is better then a barbecue party.

Just imagine you are sitting around the BBQ stove and drinking bear, chilling with friend, grilling juice beef. What a wonderful party. Thus we design this grilling accessories set specially for BBQ.


silicone grill brush

3-IN-1 BBQ Spatula

Sturdy Grilling Tone

Sharp knife for cutting meats

Silicone Grill Brush

EUHOME silicone grill brush is made by high-quality food grade silicone. The grill brush resists temperature up to 446℉/230℃. With extra 17inch long handle for protecting you get burn by the heat.

3-IN-1 BBQ Spatula

It is super long and sturdy that helps you easily turn over steak. Moreover, it can open bear bottle caps and cut off meat's muscle and tendon.

Sturdy Grilling Tone

BBQ Sturdy Grilling tongs

EUHOME grilling tongs have grip teeth which is strong to flip or turn your meat, your ribs and any other grilling items. That help you perfectly grill each side of the meat.

Sharp Knife for Cutting Meats

Be careful using EUHOME BBQ knife which is extremely sharp that help you cut or chop meat like cutting eggs.

Grilling Fork For Holding Meats

Stove Cleaning Brush

4pcs Dinner Forks

4pcs Grilling Skewers

Grilling Fork For Holding Meats

This grilling fork can help you firmly hold the steak on chopping block and stick in a side of meat to flip it over.

3 Stove Cleaning Brush

EUHOME grill cleaning brush with 2 replacable head is made by million of steel bristle which is sturdy and dense. So you can clean up all speckles easily.

4pcs Dinner Forks

We notice that a lot people forget to bring fork during BBQ. So we have 4 dinner forks for you to eat meat elegantly. Especially, wash your hands in outside is very inconvenient.

4pcs Grilling Skewers

For you cook your beef cubes on stove that get your beef crusty exterior and soft inside. These skewers are flat thus you can be turned with tongs.

Corn Holders

Seasoning Shakers

Super Big Apron


8 Corn Holders

Corn holders are made by heavy duty stainless steel construction with two-prong.

2 Pepper&Salt Seasoning Shakers

Sprinkle a little salt, or sprinkle a little powdered hot chili pepper, or any fine spice on your barbecue creations with the two stainless steel dispensers.

Super Big Apron

Big apron for keep your clothes clean. Bides, multiple pockets for you put different utensils during grilling like grilling tone, grilling spatula and fork.

Grilling Guide

Smoking guide helps you to grill the most tender meat. It shows different meats smoking temperature and the cooking ways.

fathers day gift, christmas gift

Great Gift for Men

Is it difficult to think to give men what kind of gift? I also met this problem before.

Now I don't worry about this anymore. All men love to BBQ. A perfect gift to men.

No matter it is summer or winter, you always can invite friends or family to held up a BBQ party to celebrate your birthday or some special festivals.

Product Dimensions 15.35 x 9.84 x 2.36 inches
Item Weight 5.5 pounds
Manufacturer EUHOME Technology

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