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Detachable Dry Brushing Body Brush for Body Cellulite and Lymphatic

List Price
  • [Skin Rejuvenate&Energy-giving] Body brush as Chemical-free tool helps to clean the dirt, cellulite and dead skin cells, unclog pores and release toxins, enhancing skin elastic and softness; Improve blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic system then boost your energy.
  • [Gentle Massage&Natural Bristles] Multi-purpose dual bath brush heads with natural and skin-friendly bristles, one of them add with gentle massaging rubber nodules, helps to soothe your muscles, massage skin and cellulite, makes you feel relaxed and keep you from pressing too hard while brushing.
  • [Better Reach&Well Holding] Our shower brush’s total length 17.7” with long handle, great for back and other hard to reach areas cleaning; Detachable design, oval brush heads are easy to hold on to and apply pressure when remove the handle.
  • [Avoid Skidding Hands] Our exfoliating brush has slip-resistant rubber grip on the handle and cotton straps on our brush heads make them easy to hold, even your hands get wet or sudsy.
  • [Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee] POPCHOSE 100% satisfaction customer care program guarantees fast and worry-free after-sales services, please feel free to contact us if you have any problem about our long detachable handle bathing brush set.
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Product Description

dry brushing body brush set

Everyone plays different roles in daily life-mother, father, student, worker, staff or boss... Do you feel exhausted, stressful or frustrated sometimes, since life is not goes well always?

Also, with the popular of living a healthier life, people's health consciousness strengthen. Our skin, as the largest organ and it always working to protect our body, so we should also protect it.

Then we are here, provide you a natural tool instead chemical product, POPCHOSE professional detachable long handle body brushes set, brush and massage your whole body, helping to get rid of skin problems, fatigue and negative emotion, giving you a spa treatment at home!

Just add the body brush to your daily beauty routine! Enjoy the more relaxed, healthier and perfect life.

shower brush with detachable long handle

Do you want to get a versatile body brush set?

  • With long handle, as a back scrubber brush to clean the hard-to-get-at places.
  • Remove the handle, use the brush head separately, oval shape in compact size, with extra hand strap, easy to apply pressure.
  • One of the brush head with comfortable rubber massage nodules, brushing and massaging your whole body like a wonderful SPA at home! Please adjust the strength according to your feeling when using this brush head with massage nodes.
  • Great effects:Brushing and massaging your whole body, helping to clean the dirt, cellulite and dead skin cells, unclog pores and release toxins, Improve blood circulation and stimulate lymphatic system, enhance skin elastic and softness.
  • Please note:please pay attention to the direction of massage operation, doctor recommends that brush body following the flow of blood and lymph as the model arrow showing.
skin back scrubber brush

Preservation method and friendly reminder

  • Using soap and water clean your body brush once a week.
  • Avoiding sharing shower brush with others to prevent infection.
  • Please make sure the handle is installed securely at the beginning of brushing your hard to reach spots and rinse the brush after complete your every brushing routine.
  • Then please hang up in a dry and ventilated place, since the wood material of brush handle and brush head may get moldy due to the moisture.
wet dry brushing body brush with natural bristles

Natural Bristles And Gentle Massaging Nodes

  1. Manual planting neither too soft nor too hard natural and comfortable bristles.
  2. Gentle extra massage nodes are planted among one of brush heads bristles, concentrate on massaging your cellulite and lymphatic system.
  3. Offering comfortable and skin-friendly feeling.
wet dry brushing body brush with natural bristles
Exfoliating Brush
dry brush for cellulite
massage dry brushing body brush
professional back body exfoliating brush
Long detachable handle shower brush set dry brushing body brush 1 Electric Facial Roller Massager 2 IN 1 fuzz removing machine scalp massager
Detachable Long Handle Body Brush Set Dry Brushing Body Brush Microfiber Hair Towel 3 pack Electric Facial Roller Massager 2 IN 1 Fabric Shaver Scalp Massager Shampoo Brush
Features Long and removable handle; Natural bristles; Dual brush heads Natural Bristle; Good wood Microfiber; Soft; 3 Packs 100% Natural Rose Quartz; Vibration Massage; Skincare With 6-Blades; Rechargeable; Effectively ABS, silicone
Application Body Exfoliating&Massage Body Cleaning&Massage Protect hair health&hair dry quickly Facial Massage&Slimming Remove clothes&fur balls on the sofa Clean your hair&Promoting blood circulation
Occassions Bathroom, Home, SPA, Beauty salon Bathroom, Home, SPA, Beauty salon Gyms, Travels, Sports, Yoga, Camping, Home, Hotels, Pool parties, Hair salon Home, Beauty salon Home, Sofa, Clothing For all ages, boys, girls, and even pets. Strongly recommended if you wear gel nail polish or artificial nails!

Package Dimensions 15.43 x 3.14 x 2.2 inches; 9.45 Ounces
Item model number TYP-21
UPC 703556995027
Manufacturer POPCHOSE

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