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Blackhead Remover Pore Vacuum EUHOME Electric Rechargeable Blackhead Whitehead Acne Comedone Pimple Extractor Facial Skin Cleaner Blackhead Removal Kit 5 Suction Probes Face Cleaning Tools

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  • 2 Weeks, Your Beauty Back: Most of testers after 2 weeks skin treatment. The pore narrowing noticeably and face skin become smoother. Compare with the traditional way the blackhead vacuum cleaner can provide skin cleaning without hurting and restore skin elasticity. How? Step1, wash face by foaming cleaner. Step2, put a warm towel on your nose for opening pore. Step3, using EUHOME blackhead remover. Step4, put on a facial mask.
  • Your Beauty Clinic Specialist: 2021 Newest EUHOME blackhead remover with advance vacuum technology. The pore vacuum suction pressure ranges between 55-68 Kpa which can even sucked and lift up an egg. Strong suction can effectively and deeply extract out oil, impurities, acne, grease, blackhead, whitehead and exfoliation from pore. With clean pore, you skin can absorb beauty liquid into deeper skin tissues.
  • Effective, Safe & Hygienic: EUHOME Blackhead remover is made by ABS and PC non-toxic environment-friendly materials. It won’t cause any allergic for your sensitive skin. 10*cotton replaceable filter and 5*sealing rubber replaceable rings keep your pore vacuum remover cleaning all the time. Top quality blackhead acne cleaner equip with FCC, RHOS, CE, etc product safe certifications. It weight 126g and small size is a great gift for women.
  • Vary Suction Probes for Face: Electric blackhead remover pore vacuum is the ideal beauty treatment for face. 5 different size of probe for different area of face. The big size probe for cheek, small size probe for Alar. 5 vacuum suction level provide gentle and valid pore cleaning for different type of skin. Level 1 for sensitive skin, level 2-3 for neutral skin and level 4-5 for mixed or oily skin. For special spot you can use the pimple remover tools kit.
  • Warm Prompt of Usage: For eliminate bruise on face. Please do not stay on one spot over 3 seconds. You can gently put EUHOME blackhead remover on the spot and moving along your face in one direction. 450mAh battery last up to 80 mins. Check the batteries left time to time from LED display. EUHOME blackhead remover pore vacuum provide lifetime product cares and 24/7 quick customer responding for you. If you have any question, please feel to text us via Amazon.
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blackhead remover
5 suctions heads and deeply pore cleaning

Deeply clean from pore

easily clean pore

Warm Tips

Strong Suction

55-68 Kpa strong suction can effectively and deeply extract out oil, impurities, acne, grease, blackhead, whitehead and exfoliation from pore

5 Suction Heads and 10 Filter

Blackhead remover heads are made by ABS and non-toxic materials. 10*cotton filter and 5*sealing rings keep your blackhead remover cleaning all the time

Tip of Eliminate Bruise

For eliminate bruise on face, please do not stay on one spot over 2 seconds. Before start on face, you need to try the suction level on your arm first.

2 weeks see your skin renew
multiple acessories
suction heads clean up
great gift for women
UPC 703556995393
Battery weight (g) 9
Model JHF-21
Suction Power 58-68 Kpa
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